The New Zealand Gambling Law Guide takes out the Lawlink BigHand / Nuance Thought Leadership Award

At the 30th Lawlink conference, the Lawlink group presented the 2016 BigHand / Nuance Thought Leadership Award to Jarrod True for the work undertaken in producing the New Zealand Gambling Law Guide, an online resource which provides specialist advice to gambling operators.

The Lawlink group wanted to recognise people who were being innovative, taking a new approach to customer service, and taking full advantage of technology.  To win the award, the firm needed to demonstrate that the project had helped to grow their firm and was valuable to their clients.

The New Zealand Gambling Law Guide (www.gamblinglaw.co.nz) is an online resource which provides access to the relevant legislation, provides commentary on the legislation and case law, but goes one step further by enabling clients to access the regulator’s internal documents (obtained under the Official Information Act) on each particular topic.  Jarrod True commented that clients find the ability to instantly access policy documents and prior internal decisions of the regulator extremely valuable, as it gives them an insight into how the regulator is likely to act on a matter in the future.

The independent panel of judges reviewed four innovative projects.  The judges were impressed that the guide was very popular with clients and doubled as a marketing tool.  The judges also noted that the guide is used by the Department of Internal Affairs as a resource text and has been recently cited by the Court of Appeal as a source of expert opinion (Department of Internal Affairs v Whitehouse Tavern Trust Board [2015] NZAR 1708).