The New Zealand Gambling Guide Law is a comprehensive guide to the law and policy surrounding class 4 gambling.  The guide is continuously updated having regard to recent legislation and regulation changes, Gambling Commission decisions, Department of Internal Affairs’ policy documents and comments made by the Department of Internal Affairs in audit reports and sanction letters (such documents are obtained regularly under the Official Information Act).

The guide is a practical aid and essential tool for all societies and clubs which hold a class 4 operator's licence.

The guide is written by Jarrod True and peer reviewed by Alastair Sherriff.  Together Jarrod and Alastair have over 45 years experience in advising clients in relation to class 4 gambling matters.  

Recent Updates

New Waikiwi Tavern Relocation Examples 22.05
GMP Write Off Applications 12.14
HPA Training Material 32.17
16% Cap 17.03
Inactivity Extension Applications
Sales Promotion Schemes 36.00
Clubs - 37.12% Return 18.15
Inactivity Applications and Gaming Machine Fees 31.03
2016 Mystery Shopper Project
Non-Authorised Purpose Examples 2.03
Exclusion Orders - Best Practice
Redemption Terminals 30.34